Emulsifiers are essential components in the formulation of water-miscible metalworking with a broad range of chemistries being employed to provide optimum stability for different oils and water compositions. In addition to emulsification, as a function of their chemical composition they can provide reduced foaming tendency and enhanced lubricity making them useful multifunctional additives. Metalworking fluids applications include soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids.


Emulsifiers provided by Lankem can be used to provide optimum metalworking fluid emulsion stability. These products are based on fatty alcohol ethoxylates and fatty acid esters, fatty acid ester ethoxylates, fatty acid amides and phosphate esters.

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Kemsurf ASC

Lansurf ESD

Kemsurf EM9

Kemsurf DSA

Kemsurf OS38

Lanspec OF32

Lanspec OF56

Lanspec OF65